by Nic Olson

I leave Mizoram on May 12, then I am in Guwahati for a few days, and Calcutta for a few days. I leave India on may 16th and arrive in Calgary around 655pm. I leave Calgary around 1030, I believe, so if you are from Calgary and I love you, come meet me there, we’ll go for burritos or something. That is one thing I miss bad… burritos. ohh.

I get into Regina on May 16 somewhere around midnight, if you really want to see what I look like after a long stint in Calcutta then a good smelly flight home, come visit, if not, we can go for Icebergs that next morning. No better way to start a morning than giant hamburgers, I always say.

I told you once things quieted down, I’d run out of things to say and these would get sucky. I did fall off a 12 foot cliff the other day. That was exciting. And I swam in the dirtiest water since that time Moses turned the water to blood. Dirtier than that. Even though that was likely blessed by God and technically the holiest water of all time..

Anyway, I look forward to a reunion with all of you. If you are from Calgary, seriously, come welcome me back to Canada. I’ll post the flight number and times later.