Announcements Two

London to Calgary
British Airways flight 1103 (I think…) arriving at 655pm on May 16.

I expect these people to be there:
Tyler B. and the rest of the Beautel crew. (get it, beaut..)
Heather Mc.
Lisette F.
John C.
Smiling Hank

Calgary to Regina
Air Canada arriving at 1148pm on May 16.

I expect no one to come, but if you wanna come, do it.

See you there.

Nic in a room full of girls

it happens more than you would think.
like when i’m eating supper at home with the whole family and Wilf leaves the table.
but for real, it happens more than you’d think.

i know you likely won’t believe me, but the girls here think i’m cool.. where they got that idea, i just don’t know, but that is what they think, i think.

tonight i went out with a friend and her family. yeah, her family. first we went to a recording studio, where my friend’s older sister is recording a new CD, because she is a Mizo popstar. don’t believe me? here’s a music video to prove it.
anyways, we got to listen to some of her new songs that are going to be coming out next month, however it is not a worldwide release. but i am working on tour where she backs up Nelly Furtado and Metallica in Canada this June. don’t believe me? that’s probably good.

after this adventure we headed to David’s Kitchen. if you’ve ever been to Aizawl, you’ll know that this is the preimer place to eat, for all people, even white guys. We ordered a few mocktails and a few dishes and sat around for a while. After a few minutes of getting gunned off of our mocktails, in walked thirty Mizoram Supermodels. There was this Supermodel Competition here throughout the past few weeks, and they were having a closing celebration at the same restaurant we were having a birthday celebration for my friend’s dad.
turns out, i had met a few of these supermodel girls a few weeks before at the tennis court, and they waved at me as they walked in. i turned my head and pretended i didn’t see them, to avoid any awkward conversation. girls all over the place, i just didn’t know what to do. i can barely handle one at a time, 4+ is not a good idea.
after a funfilled meal of rice and all that goes with, we hopped into the car and headed to my house. on the way, we listened to Nelly Furtado. really loud.

it was an good night, to say the least… i know you are likely getting tired of me talking about the girls here, or maybe you just don’t believe me, but if you want to see cute girls by the bucket load, and want to meet popstars and supermodels and get celeb status, Mizoram is the place for you. which means, it is the place for me.

i’m a huge loser.