The Governator on HNIC

by Nic Olson

If you have been watching hockey the past few days, you have seen some pretty colourful characters taking part in the tradition that is Hockey Night in Canada. Game 1 featured the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This guy was once pregnant with a baby, and was Danny Devito’s brother, who was an undercover cop teaching kindergarten while he searched all the major department stores for a Turbo-Man action figure for his son. Oh yeah, he was also known as the barbarian. Check out his interview, Mr. Olympia.

Also, last night on Game 2, Snoop Dogg, the Dee – Oh – Double Gee, was interviewed by Scott Oake (who really needs to trim the tumor of a hairdo he’s got) and it also made me laugh. California is full of amazing people, and I’m just glad they’ve been watching a real sport. Check out big pimpin’s interview when you want to pump the nizzle of my shizzle to Yellow-knizzle.