The Job Search, Round Two

1. I’m searching for jobs. Everyone loves searching for jobs. Last summer my venture to the North yielded no real jobs, so a friend had to give me a job. If you ask her, it was a real job, if you ask me, I am awful at painting fences. Especially lattice. You know, the stuff that doesn’t paint well. And about as nice to decorate your house with as lettuce. Anyway, this time, the jobs are flowing in. So many jobs that I don’t even know which one to take. I guess my marketable skills have increased tenfold since last summer. Now I’m a real citizen instead of a loser just outta highschool. Now I’m a loser just out of India, and that seems to work better for me. I’ll let you know if I’m going to be a professional mover, woodsman, lumberjack or tennis player, real soon.

2. The new Rihanna album comes out on this day, and it will likely break the record for Best Album Ever Written by a Girl from Barbados with a Hit Single about Umbrellas. That, and Best Album Ever Written in the History of Album Writing. As well as New Breakout Singer! I recommend you check into that CD. Be a part of history.

3. The Hunger Project: Do you ever get hungry? Do you ever eat food? Do you occaisionally enjoy smiling? Then go to The Hunger Project website and check out the latest craze of myspace but not facebook. That thing sucks. But, check that site out. It is a collaboration of recipes on one site, for quick and easy reference, run by Nic and Big Ben.. Delicious and Hilarious. One may call it Hilicious. Or Delarious. But we know this for sure, it is Tasterrific.

4. Smelly Melly started a blog. Mel Kissick. She’s in Europe, drinking wine and getting fancy.

8. I don’t like Pronger. What a dirtbag.