Anything I can do…

by Nic Olson

Whenever I was in India, I couldn’t understand why people didn’t write things on a regular basis. Now I understand.

It is not that things up here are boring. Or that they are extremely busy, but that they are kinda regular. And let’s be honest, I’m not good at making ordinary extraordinary, in real life, or in a blog. I’m, again let’s be honest, a fairly boring guy. I hang out, play some tennis, watch movies, go fishing, eat lots… and it just keeps going. In India new things happened to me every day, whether it was about the toilet or about people staring at me.

Yellowknife is like the mellow capital of Canada. People drive 10 km/h under the speed limit, which makes their speed about 8km/h and everyone is just waiting for the weekend where they can go to the lake and mellow out some more..

So, if not many things are said on this for a while, it is because I’m having fun and hanging out. Sorry, India is exciting, Canada isn’t. If you want to read about young people going exciting places read Katie‘s or Mel’s or Tyler’s blog.

Oh, and I got a job. I am a mover now. With Arlen. Oh yeah. Our motto is ‘Anything I can do, We can do better’. We are going to make shirts.