To the Left, to the Left

by Nic Olson

I have been feeling very (I don’t know what the word is) the past few days. If I knew what sentimental meant, I would use it. Maybe ‘touchy-feely’ is the right phrase. Nope, that’s not it. How about the word ‘good’.. I have been feeling very ‘good’ the past few days. Sure, that is broad enough.

I realized the other night that I truly miss the land of the Curry. I miss the people, and everything else, a lot. I miss the slow and relaxed mindset that really went well with my mellow ‘I’m-so-cool-I-don’t-give-a-crap’ attitude. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk about my trip or anything, maybe because when people ask me questions I have nothing but snappy one liners and weak short answers. But, I do miss it. It is like an infectous fungus that has burrowed underneath my toenails and has taken over the majority of my left leg. Like, I could live without it, but it just wouldn’t be awesome.

Work is great. I advise that if you can, find a job that pays $16 an hour to do nothing but play broom hockey with a guy named Arlen. This job would also entail trying to translate the difficult language of Newfie into regular English, and sweeping dirt into piles, then spreading the piles around so you can sweep them again. I love it.

It sometimes feels like no time has passed since I was here last summer. I’m in the same futureless position as before, with the same plan of, ‘Yeah, I guess I’m going to school…ugh’ I’m the same dude as a year ago, with a bit more travel under my belt, a bit more understanding of the world, and a bit more appreciation for relationships, and a bit of a bigger gut. Yeah, I’m getting soft.