by Nic Olson

I was raised in a house of Olsons. This means a few things. This means that if I didn’t eat everything that was served, I’d get the angry Wilf furrowed brow. This brought me up to eat and like everything. Everything. This then brings conflict when I encounter people that don’t eat things. I hate the term pet peeve, cause it is super gay, but this would be my pet peeve: People who can’t suck it up and eat food that is good. Thanks Dad, now I’m OCD.(obsessive compuslive) This is all written because of an extensive and exhausting debate at the Ashby house about trailmix. It is awful. Enough for me to move out. I hate it here. Darla has no boundries.

my time in Yellowknife has passed the one month mark, which possibly means it has passed the halfway point. Bummer.

plans for my life so far go l ike this: go home, rock and roll for a while. spend some money, do a short western canadian tour to visit some friends i haven’t seen in too long, find a job, put off school. i’m sure that when you read this, it seems like a bad plan, but, i’ve thought it through fairly well, so don’t worry, my loser future hasn’t totally been smashed, just placed on temporary hiatus. can a hiatus be temporary, or are all hiatus’ temporary. what is the plural for hiatus? hiatia?

my blogs are losing more meaning as they continue. i think my blogging career is slowing to a hault. maybe just a series of hiatia.