Waiting for something better.

by Nic Olson

Pretty much every time I see someone, they ask what I’m doing ‘these days’. Everything is just as usual, I’m being young and handsome, with a few new things going on. I listen to a lot more music, a lot louder than before, to muffle out the frantic wedding plans being spilled out from the kitchen that torture my ears so. If my music doesn’t cut it, I go downstairs put in earplugs, turn on the stereo, the TV and the treadmill. When I still hear the neck-wrenching words through the floor, I usually leave the house, try and spend as little money as possible to balance out the hundreds of thousands that will be spent in June.
But for real, I love weddings.

I am working construction with PCL in Regina, doing labour. Breaking things, laying concrete, framing the roof, ripping out drywall, being the company bee-otch. I have learned many new things and enjoy it there. It beats school and beats having no money. But it doesn’t beat sleeping. Or eating pie.

I am starting a new soccer team. CCFC, but we are Co-ed. I’ve never played with girls before, so it should be interesting…. Come watch, games on Fridays and Saturdays. ‘Cause you’ve got nothing better to do, let’s be honest.

My first weekend as a 19 year old was one of the best I’ve had. Besides the obvious getting rowdy at all the bars and dropping numerous G’s at the casino, I basically just hung out. I got to hang out with who I needed to, when I needed to. I got to see the best band in Canada play the best set I’ve ever seen, and I loved it. I drove home Sunday night smiling and fist pumping just because I felt good. It sure was a beauty.

Other than this, like everyone, I’m working for the weekend. Waiting for the Friday. Chillin’ hard with some bros and saving up my cash for something better. I’m excited for something better.