Life Advice: Listen to Tim

by Nic Olson

I’m one of them. I can’t be. I hate that person. They keep everyone waiting for weeks, and all the people want is a piece of mind, or an opinion. How hard is that to give? But now I am just like you. I haven’t updated my blog in more than a week. Believe it or not, I have been supremely busy lately. Work, then hangouts, then supper, then hockey to watch on TV. I have literally been doing the limbo around my room in my underwear. Uncomfortable for me and for you.

You may have noticed the new look. I figured it was time for a change. Everyone had that same layout, so I thought I’d Yang to everyone else’s Yin. It is just like me. Simple, a bit bland, doesn’t say a whole lot, smells like pee. A perfect description.

I have been doing a lot of India related activities lately. Watching old videos, telling stories, wearing scarfs, eating rice, drinking tea, getting rowdy, filling out. All that stuff. I miss the place, and am excited to go back soon. I need a haircut, and my Hindi hairdresser is calling me.

And to finish off the day, a mildly inappropriate link that, if you aren’t too uptight, will make you laugh. LMAO even. It is about bicycles!