by Nic Olson

Photoblog. I only took two of the pictures, and only one of them today, but get over it.

I started off today tobogganing. No, I didn’t wake up going down the hill on a toboggan, but pretty much it was the first thing I did today. Autumn, Andrew. Bloody nose, twisted ankle, respectively. This equals a good time. Coolest pre-teenaged kids I’ve ever met.

Shortly after tobogganing was the holiday magic of the World Juniors. Not sure if anyone knows this, but back in 2005, me and some bros drove down to Grand Forks for the Gold Medal game vs. Russia. We had Crosby, Getzlaf, Bergeron, Richards, Phaneuf, among many others, they had Ovechkin and Malkin. We won 6-1. Big news. Get jealous. Anyways, this year, searching for the forth gold in a row since the year I went, they didn’t disappoint. Lots of good people over to enjoy the HD together. Another beauty, what can you say. Sorry to Wilf and the Swedes.

Then after a double patty Iceberg hamburger (sorry, I have no pictures, but I can assure you, the burger is as big as your face, maybe even your face attached to another face.) I watched a whole lot of Friday Night Lights, the television show. Here’s an article to convince you why to watch it. 

Today was the last day I got to hang out with Lucas before he goes down to Texas, where Friday Night Lights is based, and marries some hunky quarterback. Or maybe a cheerleader, who knows. I’m losing friends by the gallon.
And now I’m going to sleep. Even after the great day I had, this might be the best part. To bed.