I’m hungry all the time…

by Nic Olson

.. but it was about time to lose some weight, so it is all for the best. Someone told me that my face is getting round. 

Living alone, I’ve had to make some changes in my day to day life. I eat about half as much as I once did, and for supper, all I have is rice. This, however, is about the best thing ever. My surroundings are similar to those when I was thrust into in India. It smells like things you don’t want to smell, it is dirty with garbage all over the place, rice everyday, and last but not least, I am learning Hindi.
Very few people actually know what Hindi is. They hear Hindi, they think Hindu, and they start thinking about that one religion, and likely they don’t even know anything about that either.  Hindi is a language. The first or second language most people speak in India. This means almost one billion people know this language… So I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I learned how to say, ‘I want to buy some cigarettes, do you have any money?’ or to say, ‘Maybe half a bottle. I don’t remember exactly.’ (those are straight outta the book.)
Unlike India, the house is considerably quiet. Sharon isn’t around to proclaim wedding plans. Melissa isn’t watching Reba. There is no sizzle in the kitchen from fresh cooked Laura supper. If Wilf lived here,  it would still be as quiet as it is now. That’s why I like him. Along with his incredible skill in all things.
I rarely leave the house, so next you see me, I’ll be fluent in two languages, and will smell like the backside of a decaying goat. Come visit my house. I’ll cook some rice.