by Nic Olson

I don’t know if you like hockey very much, or if you do, you are probably interested in the lack-luster hockey that is the Western Division. The Red Wings up on everyone by 20 points every season for the past ten seasons. That is new and exciting…

But I like hockey. And it turns out, that the team I like is in first place in the East. People picked Ottawa to win the cup, but they can’t even hold a coach for an entire season.
Anyway, since the East is so tight right now, and first place might be tossed around for quite a while, I thought I’d take this opportunity to point out to everyone what is going on, and who is really going to win the Cup.
Analysis: Before you start criticizing Bob Gainey on the Huet trade, think about it for a while. He obviously shopped around for a while trying to get something for him, but couldn’t find anything amazing. He was an free agent at the end of the season, and there was no need to sign him, what with this young man to the left (Price) coming up and a solid backup in Halak. So, instead of losing Huet at season’s end for nothing, they got a draft pick for next season. Think towards the future. Which is why Gainey didn’t trade away three young players for a rental for three months.. He’s a genius, not a Ferguson Jr.
Cup or not, the Canadiens are the team to beat. Keep an eye out. ’93 is coming back.