Ode to Dave

by Nic Olson

Refer to Balls of Rice Edition: February 10, 2007. 

I promised an ‘Ode to the Blue Footed Booby’, and here it is. 

Dave Turner. Gentleman. Scholar. Soccer goal scorer. Philanthropist. A real man.
I drove Dave to the airport this past Sunday at 5am to dominate Winnipeg, and then the world. I miss the guy already. He stayed at my house for a lot of the time he had been back in Regina, and though he cost me a lot of money on groceries and eating out, a broken second controller for Guitar Hero, and a large amount of wasted gas money, I miss him already. 
Throughout the week, my house is empty as a church on a Monday, and when I have people like Dave to comfort me when I’m lonely, and watch The Office with when I am tired, it is a good thing. 
I admire Dave for many reasons. His honesty, devotion and real-ness, as well as his chiseled jawline and eyes as blue as a clear June sky. He is doing something he loves, and is continuing to do it because it makes him happy, and he’s helping others. He lives a life that is real and full of passion, and constantly strives for something better. He doesn’t care that he’s nearly 30 and still single. He doesn’t jump into trends and get married all the time. He’s a bonafide hardworking meat-eating sonofagun. 
Add what you think of Dave. Hate the guy? Love him? Hope he stays on a tour bus and doesn’t come back? Let him know, via my blog. Personally, I love his guts.