by Nic Olson

Good highways, cheap gas, good looking girls. Must have just returned to Saskatchewan. Yeah, I’m just as surprised as you. Cute girls here? I haven’t seen much yet…

I saw about 5 Moving trucks coming from Calgary to Regina. The boom continues.

I hit up Calgary this past weekend, visits with old friends, new friends, people I haven’t seen in ten years. I saw them all. And it was good. I haven’t had that many serious talks with that many people in the past six months. Usually it is just, ‘(swearword) Nic, hurry your (adjective followed by a swearword) up and get that (family member followed by a swearword) wheel barrow of (swearword) concrete over here… Are you (swearword) out of it? You (swearword) crackhead (swearword). (swearword).’ That is about as deep as it gets.
Three weeks, I quit. Nothing sweeter.
Tennis season begins. I bought new shoes and shorts. Now I don’t have to play naked and barefoot. Someday there will be a tennis league like that. The Womens Australian Open 2008 Final maybe.