by Nic Olson

It is getting there. I shaved last week, gimme a break. I have the best playoff non-haircut. It has been a year since I trimmed that business.

Playoffs the past two years have been a hard thing on me. Last season I didn’t even know if Montreal made the playoffs until a week later, because of an internet famine we had for a while. This year I get teased for a few weeks, then take off back to India and return probably the day after Montreal wins the Stanley Cup. 
But this is my plan. I am publicly putting this out there so that no one ruins my life by saying something I don’t want to hear. When I’m in India, I’m not going to read about anything involved in hockey. I will get someone (dad) to tape each Montreal game up until the final, and arrive home, watching each and every game, start until finish, in a weekend. It will be like I never left.
So if you think it would be funny to tell me something about anything related to playoffs while I’m gone, think again. It would be Friends Off for you. And if it wouldn’t be too much hassle, put a disclaimer on each of your blogs if it has to do with playoffs. If you never do anything nice for me again, do this, please. Or I’ll never come back. Or I will come back and stay forever, whichever you want less.