The Importance of Goat’s Milk in Daily Diet

by Nic Olson

Things are coming together.

I pulled into Regina at 5am this morning, a short drive from Golden, BC where I watched the Montreal Canadiens stomp the Boston Bruins 5-0. People say that Montreal almost blew it, but I’d call it good marketing. The more playoff games they can get, the more money they will make. Genius. Plus the riots looked like fun.
The weekend I went to Boise, Seattle/Tacoma, Vancouver to home. It was a good trip you can be sure, where I got to jam to some new Means (good like a salty bag of David’s sunflower seeds mixed with caffeine in a spray bottle) and some Life In Your Way, which ended up being probably the best live show I’ve seen. If you like old hymnals, listen to LIYW’s first song HERE, but be sure to listen to the end. Epic.
I very recently decided that I’m not going to cut my hair. Not yet anyways. I was about to drive home and cut it myself, scissors, shavers, machete, jig saw, whatever else I needed, but after talking with Brianne & Arlen, my mind is changed. The hair stays until India, and taken care of there. It is what was meant to happen. Sorry that you had to find out this way mom.
I haven’t decided yet whether this blog will continue through the next five weeks, or whether I will try a new medium in the short amount of time I am there. Murray ‘The Man’ Sanders told me that I should write a chapter a day, and that would amount to a book, short and crappy albeit, but a book nonetheless. He did have a short stint as my first highschool’s superintendent of something and then my other highschool’s principal, so maybe he knows a thing or two about books. But I doubt it.
Go Riders.
Reminder: tell me anything about the playoffs when I’m gone, and I won’t talk to you ever again. Try me.