by Nic Olson

Dear God,

What’s going on? Yeah, me too. Agra is pretty sweet hey? Not a whole lotof famous beauty made by you, no offense, but there is tons of man made wonders which I’m sure you appreciate. You kinda dropped the ball on that one. As you know we were in Darjeeling very recently, another hot india tourist destination, but a bit more of your natural scenery.
We haven’t talked in a while, even though I’m sure you brought me here. India that is, not the Maya Hotel in Agra. Round two of India has been great, but different inobvious ways. I’ve spent more time in actual India, as opposed to the semi India of Mizoram. I have also spent a little less time with Indians and a little more time with three Canadians. It has been a month and we don’t hate each other yet, so it has been alright. However in the future i’d probably redo the solo journey. I do like myself, which we need to work on too.
At supper tonight a magician came to the table and amazed the foreigners and I with some small tricks that you couild buy and amaze your friends with. It wasn’t real witchcraft magic, don’t worry, no one is in need of an exorcism. For that reason anyways (although I’m a little worried about Bonnie). But it seems that Agra especially is a town of tricks. Hotels with full staff of fluent English and French members just wanting to know where your from and if you can come to their shop for hours on end and look at their crap that you’d never buy. Rickshaw drivers who get commission for taking naive foreigners to souvenier shops and spending copious amounts of rupee on foreign goods that you could probably get at Pier 1 or le chateau. I have always had trust issues, and this place doesn’t help. Please don’t let this place damage my relationships in the trust department. And make me easy to trust, and for good reasons.
Less than one week left in India, then a week in Oman. Then Canada and after that it iswide open. I’m wide open like the Taj’s back door. Wide open like Andy Fantuz in the endzone. Wide open like my book of emotions, which you are reading right now. I’m available, use me.
Anyway, thanks for taking careof uson this trip. .Thanks for those three days of constant bum-pee and mouth-crap, killerprank. You got me good, but i’ll get you back somehow. .Talk to you soon, hopefully. Say hey to everyone in Regina. I owe you a beer or two.
In your son’s name/rock and roll ’til death,
Amen/later dude