Sir John A MacDonald rolls in his grave.

by Nic Olson

India is over. Back to nonsense sports blogs and dreams for the empty future. Get stoked.

I have never really believed in jetlag. I came home from church last night and slept until 4am this morning. I have had a headache the size of Austria the past two days, and it has lately just slightly subsided into the size of Switzerland. I still don’t believe in jetlag. Or in parasites. Just good times and a lack of vitamin C.
Speaking of Austria, Switzerland and vitamin C, sounds like it is time for ‘UEFA Euro 2008’ Or: ‘How I learned to dive and cry like a European.’ I’m picking Croatia. Anyone remember Davor Suker of ’98? Luca Modric is the new Suker, and gold is the new bronze.
Half of my family has decided to attend the US Open Tennis Championships this upcoming August. I have been trying to decide whether to join. Why not right? Well, I could think of a few reasons. But still…. 
And finally, I’ve kept silent about this for long enough, when something needs to be said.  As you’ve probably heard from Tim, HNIC has lost its anthem. And to the downfall of hockey, it has been purchased by CTV. Maybe because I’m a son of an Olson and CBC is the only worthwhile television channel, but the invasion of the NHL by CTV and TSN has been slowly deteriorating the game. As TSN gets more and more games, hockey is watched less and less by the regular three channelled fan. Soon, to watch hockey you will have to subscribe to a local cable dealer and in turn give more money to ‘the man’. (unless you are paying SaskTel. then it is fine.)
Not only does CBC have superior commentators, analysts and production crew, TSN has no heart. CTV can go ahead and buy Brian Williams, buy Chris Cuthbert, buy The Hockey Song, but they will not succeed in buying my heart. When they own HNIC in a few years, I will remember back to when there were better days. When the government paid for my HNIC good times, and they weren’t privately, money grabbingly owned. TSN does have Jay Onrait, however. So they are now at -3764 instead of -3765 in their ‘points against Canada’ scale. 
I hate Pierre McGuire.