Greatest American Dog

by Nic Olson

Oh the summer blog lull. The sun is warm, the grass is luscious, the booty shorts are out. Why bother sitting inside and updating your friends and family as to how your life is? Why bother taking time to read, think, plan and increase knowledge when you can go outside and play with so many different kinds of balls that it could be considered fondling? 

Work update: I’m into my second week of work. I got a job. I am a co-manager of a clothing store. Mostly I just work at a clothing store, the co-manager is what I will put on my resume in ten years when I try to get this same job again. I listen to music, hang clothes, sell things, count shoes and laugh at the things girls say while shopping. I love it. Best job I’ve ever had. So come down to Southland Mall in Regina to experience the World of Trout Outlet Store (I sometimes like to call it the World of TrOut-let store).. Now don’t go and make the classic old person/out of towner mistake and think that we are Trout World. Rookie mistake.
Physical Update: I still have a mustache and still rep the biceps of fury. I weigh less than 180 pounds, if you can believe it. How embarrassing.
Sports Update: I play on two soccer teams. I played in a tennis tournament last weekend, I’d rather not talk about it, although it was great fun. I have Rider’s season tickets. If Montreal sign’s Sundin I’ll be less than happy. Everyone in the NHL is a sellout. Safin will beat Federer in the Wimbledon semis. If somehow Federer can muster up a win versus Safin, then it will be Nadal in four sets in the final. I still like Federer, I’m just calling it now.
Psychological Update: We would need a different medium besides free internet thought posting to update you on this. Maybe a brain wave graph, or a movie. 
Until next time, keep fit and keep it sleazy. Or keep fit by keeping it sleazy. However you want to work that.