Brushes with Fame: Famous People with Brushes

by Nic Olson

First. Driving down Albert one evening in Riderville, we took a left turn down some road that went by Earls and on the street corner was none other than Brian Williams. I yelled out the window, ‘Brian Williams!’ He looked at me, turned away, we drove away. That was it. I’m sure it was him because he was in town that night for the Rider game, he likes Earl’s, and it was him.

Second. At my job as a retail salesperson I often run into mild celebrities. The other day (a girl that looked an awful lot like) Hanna Montana (Billy Ray Cyrus’ kid) came in and bought a shirt. The next day while walking out of the mall I opened the door for a nice young man in a suit on his cell phone. That fine young man turned out to be Luca Congi. He said, ‘Thanks man.’ and continued on to his bank. Then just today I saw a man in Riders sweatpants walking towards the door of the mall so I held it open for him. We had a nice little conversation, he said, ‘Thanks. I really appreciate that, man.’ 
I said, ‘No problem.’ 
He said, ‘Let me return the favour.’ As he opened the next door for myself.. 
He said, ‘Have a good one.’ 
I said, ‘You too.’
This was none other than Grey Cup MVP James Johnson. Believe it.
Then the other day while in DQ I had a conversation with CTV reporter, Jason Matity. Sure he’s a nice guy…
Anyways, I have been puzzled as to why this month has been like this, but I have figured it out. You know when celebrities meet each other, they are friends and hang out with other celebrities at celebrity parties? Or like when Roger Federer asked Gwen Stefani to sit in his players box at Wimbledon? Celebrities are around celebrities. Celebrities are around me. Do the math. Give me a month, I’ll be the next Chris Brown. Especially the part where I date Rihanna…. Yes.
P.S. Congi and Johnson bank at CIBC. Is that legal to post?