In Response To Safety And Liars

by Nic Olson

A man got hit by a car. The car was stronger than the man. The man survived. There was a bike in pieces on the road in front of the car. The bike did not survive. (Safety)
There was a police truck behind a car that was behind the car that hit the bike. The police truck was a regular truck painted a regular blue with flashing lights that you wouldn’t see if they weren’t flashing. (Liars)

Re: Safety
You are a harlot. You trick people into abiding by your rules and laws when you cannot guarantee anything except inconvenience and unguaranteeable semi-control of a situation. People stay at home because of you. People are useless because of you, blaming their lack of ambition and lethargic lives on the fact that you were not around. People are killed because of you, thinking that you are actually there. I will personally tell all those that I know that safety is a government controlled myth used to make you apathetic and dead and to get your wallets into their hands.

Re: Liars
Like a policeman hiding behind a dog and a indistinguishable truck, you are scaring people into lives of mistrust. Trust is a hard thing to gain, and is even harder to keep. When you spit out your lies you are hurting others and not even helping yourself, just your image. Leave your lies in bed with your Egyptian cotton sheets, nightgown and safety bags.

Good night. I love you.

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