One Reason Why I Love Regina…

by Nic Olson

Yesterday I woke up, and skatedboarded to work. Longboarded. It takes about 40 minutes.
On the way, I stopped on the side of the road for some water and saw a friend biking to school. We talked for a while.
I skated the rest of the way to work.
I worked. If you want to call it that. New high score, Anaconda, iPod touch: 125.
I left work, skated to my parents house. I said hello, hung out for a while.
I got on my skateboard, and started for home. I decided to take a less direct route to deliver a letter, and I swung by a friend’s house to visit them and their daughter in their half painted home.
I left on my skateboard, went to a house full of friends on College. I said hello.
I skated further down the road on the way to my house, and stopped by another friend’s house, said hello translated some ancient writings and hung out for a while.
I started home. I skated through downtown and saw a friend walking into an establishment, so went and said hello to him, talked for a while.
I went home. Watched a movie, hung out with the boys, went to bed.

Impromptu visits are the best. Who needs a phone when you can just skate to a friends house to say hello. I love Regina for this. I love it.
Ron Burgundy attests, ‘It’s a fact, it’s the greatest city in the history of mankind.’