The Eyes of the Hungry

by Nic Olson

I can see into peoples souls. I can tell what they think, what they strive for, and what they had for breakfast. Through their eyes I can see this. Blue eyed people make it a lot easier, what with their beautiful ocean eyes. Brown eyes make soul reading harder because they are dark and mysterious. I can see when people are searching for something more and suceeding, or if they are searching for more cash and succeeding, or if they are searching for more but just tired, or if they are absolutely content. I like to think that I can see that. In their eyes.

So what about my eyes? Well I can’t possibly look into my own eyes without a mirror or camera and everyone knows that both of those tools cancel out any soul excavating skills that I have. All I ever hear from my eyes is “I’m droopy and pink with bags under my eyes.” So what could that possibly mean? Cynicism, self righteous-ism? Must be physical strength unknown.

Every day I subconsciously choose to make myself feel better because of my job. Feel like I am better than every one of my friends, coworkers and anyone else around me all because with the pay of ten an hour, how could I possibly be striving for only money? I can think that all I want, when the deep dark truth is that I’m lazy and tired.

Behind the safety goggles and facemasks were eyes hurting for bigger paychecks, so I moved to a new job hoping this wouldn’t be the case. Then I saw the eyes of nearly everyone in the working world.

I don’t want to be known as a person who only seeks money, but I also don’t want to be known as a cynical, self righteous prick. So Good Clean Fun tells me this, “So if you’re waiting for judgement day or just waiting to get paid, it’s all the same it’s just two different ways to pray.”
So there. All it takes is one good band to tell me how it is and everything is good again.
Yooooooou gotta stay positive!
Anyone? No I didn’t think so.