The Birds and the (Zom)bees

by Nic Olson

Usually the only thing that gets me going, are the dead. Is that sick? No its not, ’cause I mean the undead, as in zombies. And by the term ‘gets me going’ I don’t mean like a fetish, although I can guarantee you could find a few (million) hits if you googled zombie fetishes. I can guarantee… They get me going in a ‘this is old and familiar’ way. I haven’t seen many zombie movies from thirty years ago, but I’m sure they are similar (the same) as the ones today.

I’ve watched a few zombie flicks this week and things haven’t been better. I look great, feel great, sleep great thanks to some zombie on human action (so hot). But one day I watched another non-zombie movie after the zombie movie. It doesn’t matter which one, but it ‘got me going’ in a different, still not fetishy, way. Every time I see it I want to run away. To the forest, to California, to somewhere I’ve never been before, to somewhere I miss. It makes me want to leave without telling anyone, and leave for good. When I think about it I get a shivery, but still not fetishy, kind of excited.

Something new, or even something borrowed or something blue (no, by this I do not mean a wedding, but a possible marriage of ideals). The future excites me, all the while the old familiar present zombie movie life is making me the most content with the least I’ve ever had.