The ‘Nice Beards / You Look Like the Drummer from A Textbook Tragedy’ Farewell Unity Tour

by Nic Olson

Tour is rad. The USA is bad. There are so many awful American delights I have never experienced and I’m one of those guys that has to try new things(has little to no self control) or my head collapses/explodes. Breaded and deep fried Mac and Cheese, butter burgers, every kind of Arizona Iced Tea created, Salted nut rolls, PayDays, twisty Fritos. I’m a poor man becoming poorer, and this time it is not the fault of a conservative government. But I did get $30 tips last night. Waitresses have got it easy.

Waterslides are inevitable. Montreal is looming. Dreaming about a serious tennis faceoff between Obama and I and McCain and some young Asian girl. Everything was a joke to McCain.
New possible living destinations try to sell themselves to me. As I try to not get too excited about things, and write up essays of possibilities for the unknown.

But here, you be the judge.Yes or No