The Night of the Living Rachel Bilson

by Nic Olson

The entertainment business owns the world. It is a multi billion dollar industry. It is a single mother of four, with two jobs and a casual marijuana addiction. It is an icy road with a slippery slope. It owns.

Music and movies and Internet and TV and sports and iPods and cell phones and books and underwear and travel and food are all made to entertain you and very often rarely seldom barely do much good for your body’s well being or the well being of the endangered tropical polar bear or the well being of the poor or the well being of your city’s roads. They are there to give you something to do between work and sleep. They are there to make money, but can be there to change ideas, or inform idiots. But mostly to make money. This passage is even written to give you something to do while you are doing your online friend networking, or are just sadly checking blogs as the last thing you can think of to do to entertain you. And maybe it will change ideas and inform idiots.

Every one thousand songs you might find one that was written sincerely, or every one million movies you might find one scene that was written with decent intent. When you do, it is special, different than the rest, and refreshing. It can be real.

The other night we stayed up until 630am watching a zombie movie (incredible) and a girly movie (incredible). Though neither stuck out to me at all as being entertainment with a positive alterior motive (don’t shoot shotguns at gas pumps) or with any purpose or motive (don’t impregnate someone you don’t want to have a child with), Rachel Bilson put it this way…

“Everyone I know is having a crisis. I know you’re not supposed to get them until midlife, but I think something is happening to our metabolism… I mean the world is moving so fast now, we are all chasing something so fast that we start freaking out long before our parents did…’Cause we don’t ever stop to breathe any more. You gotta remember to breathe or you’ll die. “

And she changed my life. I would always choose the not pregnant free spirited college girl. ALWAYS.