The Versus Series: Distance Vs. Time

by Nic Olson

Distance. You can be far away from something in more than one way, but neither way is great. Being close is nice, it is actually the nicest. People always talk/sing about distance vs. time. You are x miles away and only x minutes away. Or you are only x minutes away but we are still x miles apart. (Every rose has it’s thorn.) I think it’s cheap. An inexpensive way of getting around that fact that you are incapable of certain feelings. The actual distance between two things matters not, if they are not close enough to touch anyways. If Object A is x miles from Object B, and Object C is y miles from Object A, x and y do not matter unless y=x-x. That is just complicated for the sake of complication. If two things aren’t together, then their distance doesn’t matter at all. It could be x centimetres, or it could be 10000x centimetres. Distance doesn’t change things.


Time. The worst of all unfathomable things. It doesn’t even make a bit of sense; as to how we allow minutes to weeks to years change what decisions we’d make and what things we could change. The idea of Time weakens a real person, into a real nothing, if a person lets it. Just as distance doesn’t matter, neither does Time. But unlike Distance, Time changes things. For better or worse, it doesn’t matter. This unfathomably non-existent thing, changes everything, like we have no choice. 

Time heals all wounds. Time passes you by. But I say Time doesn’t exist. Just ask a Philosophy major. Which, obviously, I am now.

The Winner: Velocity