by Nic Olson

I was recently reading the blog/book ‘Stuff White People Like‘ at work. The holiday season rush is down, and besides people exchanging clothes that shouldn’t have been given to them in the first place (buying someone clothes is the worst idea ever.), the store has been slow. So we read stupid books. This book isn’t great. It reminds me of me. Some douche that wrote a blog that he thought was pretty good, then decided to turn his experiments into a bestselling and hilariously (but really not that funny) useless book. Except, in his case, thousands of others thought his blog was good, not just a few friends. Anyways, it is dudes like this that make me want to become rich by doing nothing. Not so much rich, as much as successful, and not so much successful as a published author, and not so much a published author as someone who has accomplished something, aka, rich.

Which leads me to this. I was going to start another, newer, hipper, more audience friendly blog to start with a theme and a definite possibility to transfer to book format, but that just broke down. Like selling out, without the selling part. But it was going to be great. Another entire webpage devoted to the thoughts of me, like we needed another one. One page of self-righteousness is enough, two would just kill. 
My original idea was having a blog about hate. Not a hate crime blog or anything, but a blog about hating things and people. A few friends always make me feel bad about my hate of certain cities and members of the sports community and most people, and since one of them have been around, I just feel worse and worse about myself (thanks Ty). So I was going to start a new book-ready blog about things I don’t hate. Not really things I like, but things I don’t hate. It would have tons of social commentary about how hate rules the world and how it is really what makes the world go around. It wouldn’t be so personal and friend oriented that anyone on the web could read it and relate. I would avoid negativity and hatred on the blog, but it would be a light dosage of happy passages about hate. It has always been a problem of mine. My mom always used to tell me I have a bad attitude, and she still probably thinks that, just doesn’t say it, ’cause I’m a grown up now. I know people that make me feel like the most positive, love-filled, cynic-less person, but up against some people, I am just a hate-mongering greasy haired mongerer.  
A mongrel. This is a new era.