Cain out of Ten

by Nic Olson

My head was down, my eyes were not staring into my opposition. Two versus one, the only thing offering comfort was a glass of ice, and a plate of hashbrowns. Being grilled, question after question, my mind aching from all of the intense thought and contemplation. I guess, a seven out of ten on the content scale might be accurate. It is an official scale that psychologists use because it is very accurate and psychologists are very useful. Please rate yourselves and loved ones accordingly. 

The ‘one out of ten’ scale must have been invented for/by people that lack the ability, face to face, to express something. A doctor asks you how much this hurts on a scale of one to ten. A survey asks you how your service was on a scale of frowny face to smiley face. When you could convey your feelings in a better way, by actually saying something worthwhile. But I can’t. So this scale is my expression.

Genesis Four suggests that it is a punishment of God to be a restless wanderer. Over the past three years I have prided myself in my ability to restlessly wander, and now, apparently, it is a severe punishment you get for killing your brother Abel. Bummer.
I guess if that’s the case, seven out of ten might not be accurate. The impossible scale contemplation continues. 
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