The Versus Series: Skepticism vs. Appreciation

by Nic Olson

Skepticism. It’s not a lack of trust as much as it is a presence of knowledge. Being skeptical is a learned trait of mine that is a close cousin of stubbornness. Being a skeptic allows possible freedoms, but becoming skeptical can then restrict these same liberties, by stubborness, which then can force you to live by them. Skepticism is great, if you have the strength to not be bound to/by what you are doubtful of. Skepticism is a bad word, but it shouldn’t be. 

Appreciation. When you get older, you appreciate things more. 
A nice winter day. 
An amazing riff of the guitar. 
A hearty meal with friends. Sometimes things just line up well, and sometimes you are just better at appreciating them than at other times. Appreciation is a good word.
Winner: Skeptipreciation. Hybrids are so in.