Over a Puddle of Jellyfish

by Nic Olson

What do you wish to get from traveling?

Dang, no one has asked me an actual question before. I say actual question because I recently (just now) decided that a question is something you want an answer to. But I guess I didn’t decide this, the English language did. Something you WANT a question to, not something you ask to be nice or break the silence. Dang.

Seong Bin Lee is a friend from high school. He is a Korean genius that somehow ended up at the pinnacle of education, WCC. His dad is an educated man with a lovely wife and will-be successful kids, Bin and older sister Seong Un. He asked me this over supper, seated on our asses eating jellyfish and octopus parts. I answered quickly with an answer about learning and other nonsense, but was sure to tell him of my imminent enrolment to a prestigious University so I can really APPLY myself. That may have been a lie.

I change my mind more than I change my underwear, and I can tell you, I change my mind about once a week. Right now my mind is made up to fly to India with the new Indian couple in front of me. They smell like the best parts of the country, and look like they are on a first date so it could be a honeymoon. What a perfect country.

Oh yeah, When I figure out answer to his question I’ll be sure to get back to you via blog and/or inspirational book.