The V-Shaped Face of Ganesh

by Nic Olson

It begins again.

What more can I say, that you haven’t already heard? I have seriously said it all. Two times. How many times can I make the same joke about how last week I pooped a poop to end all poops.

Or how many times can I tell you that getting a straight blade shave is like laying with someone (in the biblical sense), each barber has his own special move before and after, sometimes it burns a little and sometimes it is just better than others.

How many times can I tell you that numerous people have told me I look like Jesus. A lady in Korea said that i have the V-shaped face of Jesus. And I have heard it a few times since. Jesus saves, Nic scores.

Or how many times can I express my love for my Canadiens who have struggled so much since I have left. Signing a 90 year old defenseman, giving the most skilled player in the league a few days off. I seriously cannot say this enough times, EVERY time I leave, they go on an unreal slump. Each time I left for India, they lose it! I am the heart and soul of this team. Next year I vow to take year off and move to Montreal with season tickets and devote a year of my life to them. I guarantee we will win the Stanley cup. I have even been wearing my Habs hat everyday!

How many times can I tell you that I love this place, it’s people, it’s traffic, it’s food, it’s dirt, it’s noise, it’s smell. I guess I will just keep telling you, because there is nothing else to say.

Last time I forced myself to write almost daily. It was stressful without me knowing it. If stress existed, that is.

I’m in Siliguri. Look it up on a map. It is in India.
More soon.