The Versus Series: Waste vs Worth

by Nic Olson

Waste. There is an unreal amount of waste here. Physical waste (garbage, trash, rubbish,). Physical waste (at any moment I can look out my window and see three men pissing directly at me). Physical waste (getting wasted, bro). But the amount they actually waste, that is, use in ways that are unnecessary and overdone, isn’t much. Any leftovers at mealtime are reeaten at a later meal, unrefrigerated. If it spoils it goes to the street for the animals or to the yard for the animals, depends on your location. Even what the cow leaves behind, the part that literally sticks to his tail and back of his legs, is used for fuel for the fire. Nothing fuels my fire more than cow dung. Has the word ‘waste’ lost meaning yet? That’s not meant to be thought provoking; have I used the word ‘waste’ too many times? Waste.


Worth. Like at a 2 for 1 brothel, things here are cheaper, but worth no less….Same old chlamydia.

I’m not going to say that people here give more worth to relationships, because that would just be an unecessary lie to show my moral and relational superiority to western culture. Nor will I say these relationships are worth more than those I have at home, because that would also be a lie to make me look like a seasoned traveler that has book-worthy relationships over a short period of time that could in no way be possible. But although things can be cheaper, easier and more accessable here, they are worth no less. Relationships included. Although a pack of smokes is worth 25 cents here, the lives are worth no less. Although the Internet is 50 cents per hour, it is still worth nothing in my mind, which is why I am outside in the sun on my iPod stealing the CyberCafe’s signal. Although people don’t wash their hands correctly or improperly use the toilet, or just because their Gods have painted faces, doesn’t make them worth less, or make me worth more. Has the word worth lost meaning? This time it is meant to be thought provoking. And annoying.

The Winner: Will Smith in I Am Legend