Lyric(s) of the Month – February/March

by Nic Olson

This is one of my favourite things to do now. My words are usless, so take someone else’s verse and suck on it.

“If they gave gold statuettes, for tears and regrets, I’d be a legend in my time.”
-Johnny Cash

“This world is a graveyard, and it’s sucking the life out of everything I love. I can’t take this, but I can’t break this.”
-Horizons. I am not 100% sure this one is completely accurate, but I love it anyways.

“We are made of love, and every fracture caused by the lack of it.”
-Sleeping at Last

“Poker Face”
-Lady Gaga/the worst name since AllSaints.

“I love this record, but I can’t see straight.”
-Some awful dance music