My Man Marlo

by Nic Olson

Myanmar goes through the same test as every country that i’ve been to.

The food: I haven’t had any yet. I’ll update this at the end of the week. It smells like Northeastern India food and looks more like thai food. I’m expecting it will be great, and I’ll love it.

The girls: I haven’t met any yet. But if any of them come ask me to marry them, I probably wouldn’t say no. But I might not say yes.

The intangibles: This category could be long. Being the country it is, tourists have to stay in certain hotels, or so i’ve been told. So our hotel only runs in USDollars and something called Foreign Exchange Currency (FEC). Neither make sense to me. I’m in Myanmar, use your own money. Also exchanging money isn’t easy either. Rupees are not well liked in these parts. So a -1 for that.
+1 for the fact that their money is spelled Kyats and said Chets. That is what i’m talking about. Stick it to the English man. You know how i feel about phonics. or if you don’t, now you do. I hate them.
+1 for all the people on the street. They are all very friendly, and not because they want to get to know my wallet or my ass. They seem just generally cool.
-1 for lakes that cost money to walk around.
+1 for Buddhism.

Myanmar. After one day, it’s the weirdest place I’ve seen in my life. We’ll see what a week does to me.
Hopefully it’ll be Rangood.