Lyric of the Month: Deathbeds

by Nic Olson

Last night I had a dream and in this dream I had discovered the secret of time travel. It was complex but truly simple. If I could remember I’d tell you by showing up at your deathbed to say that there’s still time. You can make up for your wasted life!

Starting Sunday a journey begins. Google Earth it if you don’t know the places. It’s quite a journey.

Guwahati to Siliguri.
Siliguri to Kolkata.
Kolkata to Chennai.
Chennai to Pondicherry.
Chennai to Kerala (Trichir, Cochin, Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram. Yeah, what?)
Kerala to Delhi.
Delhi to Chandigardh.
Delhi to Home.

Lyric: Propagandhi – Last Will and Testament

Here in the few remaining moments we have left, just what do you propose we say in our defense? That much was decided before any one of us were born. Nothing more than objective observers to the madness, and through up your hands in sadness? We’re powerless to change anything anyways. So just lay back upon your deathbed and gaze idiotically back up the chain of command from which we recieve our directives. I guess it’s just common sense to preach what ought to be but to ensure it never is in the present tense.