by Nic Olson

There has been a few wild phenomena (plural of phenomenon, is phenomenons or phenomena? hell if i know.) in the past few weeks that I’ve noticed in my travels. Every city I leave, the day I leave, it rains hard. Right now is not really the rainy season of India. Sure it may rain sometimes, but not often.. Something is happening. The country is crying for me, or trying to flush me from it’s veins, or it just knows how badly i need a shower. I dont know, but it’s a phenomenon.

Also for the past two weeks, my stomach has not been as ironclad as i brought it up to be. It hasn’t been sloppy beyond repair, or really painful at all, but it’s been weird. Anyways, whenever I need to utilize the latrine, my mouth begins to salivate and give a tinny flavour that i’ve never experienced before. This happens just seconds before my stomach turns and gets slightly angry. Soon I’ll hone this skill and be able to tell when other people have stomach issues, then I’ll be able to tell through salivation when danger is going to occur. I’ll be one of the X-men. The crappiest salivating X-man ever. What a phenomenon.

The final phenomenon that i’ve encountered, is that I’m in Kerala right now. Phenomenal. Mostly this is phenomenal because I’ve already been in India for 3.5 months. Phenomenal.

I’m going to the beach.