by Nic Olson


They sell everything on the train. Pianos, sexy DVDs, chai, sexy times with eunuchs, all with giant rats crawling at your feet. 

They said that Kerala was ‘God’s Own Country’.. This is what I thought of that.

I was on a 45 hour train ride. A man in front of me was wearing a nice pair of acid wash disco jeans with a patch that looked like this on the leg. I figured the hockey gods were sending me some love. Meaning Detroit will not win, nor will Carolina. I’m calling it. Thanks hockey gods.

This has nothing to do with India, but I drew it while I was there, and I thought it was funny.

I drew this one in Korea. My friend Seong Bin was joining the Korean Air Force when I was there. He had to do athletic tests and answer questions about Canada. Now he shoots down North Korean rockets.