Joe Louis

by Nic Olson

I don’t want to take credit for the Penguins Stanley Cup, but…
My lucky reds. They’ve won me a Grey Cup, French Open and Stanley Cup. The power is in the package.

Hossa. That 10 million isn’t so sweet anymore.

A week ago I literally had a vision of Crosby lifting the cup.

When I was about eight years of age I was a Penguins fan with Kris, while Jeremy was a Habs fan. They played a regular season game and I told them both that whomever won that game would be my new favourite team. Montreal won, but Pitts has since had a small place in my heart.

Although I didn’t think it would happen (how could both Soderling and the unofficial Swedish national team lose?) but either way Pittsburgh, you’re welcome.

Pictures soon.