Buildings That Matter: Part Two.

by Nic Olson

It is 1:15am. I went to a show tonight. I didn’t know any of the bands playing. I didn’t know if anyone of my friends were going. I went anyways. It was alright. None of the bands were anything I loved. But I crave live music, crappy or not. Eight dollars, big friggin’ deal. One less burrito in my pants pocket.
There was a band that played from Massachusetts somewhere. Boston perhaps. They were alright. They were called ‘Glue‘. Nothing special, but not terrible. That doesn’t matter. The lead singer turned out to be a super nice fellow. We talked briefly, and I offered his band a place to stay. They had a few leads for homes to stay, but they fell through. This guy called me just before I headed to bed, before midnight, saying they were headed this way. They haven’t arrived. So I’ve spent the past hour and a half surfing the web harder than I ever have. Ever. And I’m none the smarter.

They maybe are planning on looting all the goods from my house, now that they have me on their GPS. But either way, I went to a show tonight. And it was at the Buffalo Lounge. This is another place that rules. Although the types of shows have changed over the past ten years, they are still positive attitude shows, run by decent people, with good ideas.
A supporter of music. A supporter of youth. A supporter of buffalo related murders.

Thanks Tim Furry, Kris, that guy with glasses, and Jimmy.
Unreal times.