Free Oranges.

by Nic Olson

I went for Thai food yesterday at Thai Garden in Regina. I ordered Pad Thai. It was good. They gave free orange slices at the end of the meal. It changed my life. They also gave fortune cookies. I always question the cultural authenticity of this kind of cookie, but I love them, and their advice is always perfect. I dont remember what mine said, something written perfectly so it would work for anyone that read it, but written in a way that tells me exactly what I need to hear. I read the back of the one that wasn’t mine. It had a bunch of numbers of them, just like every other time. But these numbers were oddly familiar. The TV show Lost, which I don’t love but coincidentally talk about a lot, has some episodes where it tells stories about a set of 6 numbers that are cursed and/or good luck. Hurley, an overweight Hispanic character used these numbers and won the lottery, a substantial amount. From memory I was sure that these numbers on the fortune
cookie slip were the same. It changed my life.. Then I later googled it to find that only one of the six numbers was different. Still, changed my life.

I have found myself saying that a lot. How something has the power to, or the lack of ability to change lives/my life. A person’s vocabulary changes based on who, where, what, and I don’t know where I picked this up. Cody P maybe. But I like the hyperbolic ability of the phrase. Like finding something life changing is in the bottom of a Pad Thai, the middle of a curved cookie, or a toonie movie at the Rainbow.

I may have seen a few things that have actually changed my life. Things that I usually don’t talk about or sometimes even think about, but placed my mind and body into where I am now. A mind is always in need of a Pad Thai to motivate and move it into a new mindset, where it is not just sitting and waiting. But acting.
I am assured that this blog is life changing for you.