The Edit Suite

by Nic Olson

In case you were wondering, I am indeed still in the process of writing a book. I began this process like three years ago, and it is still weighing heavily on me. Not because people tell me that I should write a book, and not because I know that any old dink can write a book and have it be a New York Times Bestseller, but because I’ve started it and I feel like I have a duty to finish it. For myself.

I started getting comments on my writing when I was in India for the first time. So when I was there the second time, I put pressure on myself to write some magic and keep the masses content and entertained. The third time I went, I decided that I didn’t want that pressure, and titled myself as a photographer for the trip, and took, what I think, are the best photos I’ve ever taken. I wrote while I was there, the odd blog and a few songs, as I aspire to be a great musician (who can’t play music), but I didn’t pressure myself, which felt good.

Most of my writing has been for everyone else. I never ever thought that writing was even a decent way of expressing myself, or even had a bit of a clue that I may be semi-decent at it. So when I heard that people liked what I was doing I continued to write for other people, constantly trying to please and not upset people with it. It was a drag on my creativity and my overall writing morale.

So I took a break from my book. First I just thought I’d forget about it, like it was some stupid teenaged pipe dream (the term pipe dream comes refers to the dreams that are experienced while smoking opium from a pipe…). But recently I went back to what I’ve written. I read over everything, less than 100 pages. I deleted probably one third of it, and am still in that process. A major overhaul. I’m in a position where I feel somewhat confident and comfortable editing what I already have, but I am not in the position where I feel like I can write new material and feel good about it.

I am in an editing phase. Which is why you may see my blog layout change every week. I am editing everything I have got, until I find what feels good. What feels right.
A serious overhaul. I’m in the edit suite. Stay tuned..