by Nic Olson

Eventually I will probably go blind. Each time I go to the Optometrist, or what I like to call the Eye Doctor, she tells me the same thing. My eyes are getting worse, and they are too far advanced in worseness that they haven’t developed proper contact lens technology to appropriately suit my eye, so i get a slightly wrong prescription, I guess, and she sends me on my way. She first ruined my life in Grade 1, when she gave me my first pair of glasses. She then re-ruined my life when she made me wear an eye patch to school. And now she just doesn’t have the balls to tell me I’m going to be blind in a matter of a few years. Yesterday it all began. It started at work, with a small sunspot in the middle of my sight. In ten minutes it was a huge sunspot, about a quarter of my entire vision, right in the middle. In another ten minutes it had shifted to the left side of my vision and blocked my entire left peripheral. I was probably 50% blind for an hour or so, when it finally subsided and gave me a monster headache. Apparently it was all a migraine caused by stress, says my friend who is not in anyway my Optometrist. Eventually I will go blind.

This month is a month of Events. Here’s a short list. Not to rub it in.
Aug 9 – Corb Lund at Regina Folk Festival
Aug 10 – Fly to Montreal
Aug 10 – 10 Bands for $10 featuring Poison the Well, Ensign, Crime in Stereo
Aug 11 – 1st and 2nd Rounds of the Rogers Cup in Montreal. In Montreal.
Aug 15 – Semi-Final Round of the Rogers Cup
Aug 16 – Finals of the Rogers Cup
Aug 17 – Have Heart show in Montreal
Aug 18 – Fly to Regina
Aug 18-25 – Friends are in Regina
Aug 22 – Have Heart show in Regina
Sept 28 – Final nose inspection
Sept 29 – The Gaslight Anthem in Regina

I hang all of my event tickets by the light switch of my room, so that every time I leave my room, I get to see the list of all the events of my next week and more.

Eventually this list may not impress me as much as it does now. However, I hope that eventually never happens. I hope I do not eventually go blind, physically or fun-ically.