Lyric of the Month – August 2009

by Nic Olson

Today is for the living.
These songs that we’re singing are more than moving on,
They’re the only ways we’re making sense of a world that’s small enough to shake,
But it’s still strong enough to break us down, break us down.
-With Honor – 20 Strong

Will we fight to take the reigns of our lives and find our owns truths?
Will we die to darker days and break ties with the hells we’ve walked through?
It’s not too late.
-With Honor – In A Bottle

I have been a rover
I have walked alone
Hiked a hundred highways
Never found a home
Still in all I’m happy
The reason is, you see
Once in a while along the way
Love’s been good to me
-Johnny Cash – Love’s Been Good To Me