Love Always

by Nic Olson

I am in the know. I text people constantly to keep up to date about relationships and love lives. I call people daily to find out about upcoming events that I might be able to enjoy or capitalize off of. I e-mail businessmen semi-regularly to see what stocks will rise and when. I check Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets to keep up to date on everyone’s pressing life events. I know things, and I’d like to attribute it to my Blackberry.

Although you may think this is going to be a rag on technology, it is not. Although I hate it all/am jealous of all those who flaunt it.
‘Let me know.’ I find myself using that phrase in each e-mail I send, and hear myself say it when talking to people about plans and the general future. When I catch myself employing this group of words I try to think of a different group of words to use that sounds cooler, more hip or just different. I dislike using the same word or expression more than once in a short period of time, or more than once in a paragraph, as you may or may not have noticed. Therefore, I utilize the thesaurus on a regular basis. My mind is repetitive and my vocabulary is somewhat limited, so to avoid coming off like a repetitious half head I like to diversify my word usage.
Like I when I’m chatting with my bros about a hot piece of lady that I saw earlier that day and I have to describe her attributes, I don’t like using the word ‘cans’ more than once. I like to throw in ‘knockers’ or ‘funbags’.

I think I coined this phrase (Let me know) a few years ago in an e-mail. I know I didn’t actually coin the phrase, but I was writing a semi-formal e-mail to someone and sat for a while trying to come up with a nice way of saying ‘Tell me what I want to know, now.’ I tried to come up with a non-pushy phrase to ask for an answer, but not demand it. When people read things on the internet or in a text message that are written conversationally or otherwise, they oftentimes misinterpret the tone it is written in. I am always afraid of this. Like when you send a girl an e-mail that signs off as
‘Love always,

It rarely to never actually means that I actually love you and want to have children with you, but rather a brotherly camaraderie kind of love that I share with most everyone.
Or like how both of those previous italic paragraphs could be read as my actual words, when in fact when I wrote them I was whispering to myself in my, ‘I’m a jackass’ voice.
I am always afraid that my e-mails will sound pushy or controlling, when all I wanted to do was sound businesslike or communicative. So I thought that this phrase did it all. It quietly and passively encouraged the recipient of the phrase to share their knowledge with me when they learned of whatever this knowledge was.

But now I’m not so sure. I am starting to feel like ‘Let me know.’ has become pushy and domineering as well. Especially when I use it more than once in a minute or two. And I don’t think it is because I always want to be in the know, I just like to have a grasp on things.

Or I’m being obsessive compulsive and getting caught up in meaningless semantics. Yeah, that’s probably it. Just let me know if I am or not. Thanks. Talk to you soon! Take care!

Love always,