Signs the world will end by 2012

by Nic Olson

– the line calls in professional tennis are controlled by a robot called ‘Hawkeye’ that is about as accurate as a drunk man’s stream of urine.
– the Black Eyed Peas are popular and Nickelback sold five times platinum
– the movie 2012
– Mary Carillo, Brad Gilbert and Peter Burwash are respected members of sports news teams
– 3D TV
– cheeseburger hotdogs from 7-11
– The Death of Music. Ghosts of Modern Man broke up. The last good/classic Regina band called it quits. Regina’s music scene is slowing to a indie rock halt.
– Serena Williams is a multimillionaire.
– everyone is married
– NHL on TSN
– blogs and bloggers
– people believe in things like the swine flu and gingivitis
– The Death of Tennis Etiquette. New York fans are worse than UFC fans from South Carolina.
– therapeutic shoppers
– Twitter
– CFL on TSN
– I heard Federer say ‘shit’ on TV. That was the clincher.

Plan your last two years accordingly.