by Nic Olson

The only thing that Canada has that I need, began today. This is the first winter in three years that I am planning on being in Canada for an entire NHL season. Here it is.

– the new guys under 6feet are truly exciting to watch. I was skeptical, but it looks promising.
– a super hungover Carey Price could probably skate a lap around the rink in his full gear faster than Hal Gill could on his best day. And Price’s hands are better too.
– Carey Price is going to prove the entire hockey media wrong with a GAA of .999%.
– Spacek really looks like Dan Ackroyd.

– after the Penguins won the Cup, on that same day I said that I thought Washington was going to win it this year, that is, if Montreal somehow doesn’t.
– Sundin retired. Good news. Until he pulls a Forsberg and decides to play for New York in March.
– Calgary’s retro jerseys are perfect.
– TSN has only gotten worse. Laviolette and McTavish? Just keep picking up the garbage I guess. Their analysts can analyze my hate for their segments and stolen music.
– Bettman is the death of hockey.
– Komisarek has no soul.

I had to let that all out. No one cares what I think about anything hockey, but it is pretty much all I’ve got going for me right now.