Lyric of the Month October 2009 – 30FootFall

by Nic Olson

I work eight hour days, usually. If not eight, then eight and a half, or seven and a half. If not that, then five. If not five then none. In all those hours I get to listen to the music that I want to listen to, and on occasion I let a coworker choose an album as long as it isn’t Death Cab or something we listened to the day before… My iPod is almost full with 32gb of music, and it seems like there is nothing on it we haven’t listened to. We have fully raped it of its musical innocence and have tore into every bit of music on it. Until I played this band this morning. I have listened to them quite a bit, to a point that I nearly ruined them for myself, but haven’t listened to them in a while. But listening to them this morning revolutionized everything. Their fresh Texas punk beats energized the store and the lyrics were something to be shared.
I don’t even know if they play music anymore. They probably remind my brothers of their days at highschool ten years ago, they are that old of a band.
The lyrics go better with the music, as do most lyrics. Read them anyhow.

Well I know I’m past that age,
but I’ve got growing pains again.
It’s not that physical this time, I know.
It’s something from within,
it hurts to think about the friends and family
I had to leave behind,
when my undeveloped body
got stuck with an older mind.

I’m at the age where society says I should be a man,
but I don’t think I can, don’t wanna be a man.
I can’t ignore the fact the more I see the less I understand,
I guess I should have a plan, I don’t wanna be a man.

So now my soul is duct taped to this body
whose life will someday end.
I’ve found a limited amount of answers,
but the questions never end.

And my ineptitude is starting to show,
the pain continues to grow
as I trip over my words again and again and again and again and again
but I’m determined not to settle for the mess
that sorrows me, hate and fear and all the rest
will still go on but without me!

I don’t wanna be a man, I don’t wanna be a man!
So many things I’m supposed to be,
but they’ve got nothing to do with me!
I don’t wanna be a man!

-30footfall, Kirk Cameron Sings the Blues

I won’t turn away
From the indifference and selfishness
And carelessness and irresponsibility
These are the downfalls of human nature
And I just want to break free
And I’m wondering where to start
And we all think we’re so smart
But I’m still here and you’re still here
And neither one of us has changed the world
And though I’ve and I’ve tried and I hope it all turns out good
It didn’t turn out like I thought it would
Sometimes I don’t know what to say
But I still won’t turn away

Sometimes I wish I could look it in the face
But this ignorance is not confined
It’s all over the place
It’s inside me, and its inside you
I never do the things I say I’m gonna do
Sometimes my fear just runs my life
And all I want is some place to hide
But as long as you and me are here
We can change a little part of our world
If we can’t make it better
At least we wont make it worse
It didn’t turn out like I thought it should
But I still won’t turn away
Sometimes I don’t know what to think
Sometimes I don’t know what to say
But I still won’t turn away

-30footfall, Subhumanitarian Homewrecked Blues

Will there ever be a time when time doesn’t matter
When a lack of money means your dreams aren’t shattered
When chemicals don’t take the edge off of life
And confidence keeps you whole inside
Can we ever look forward to not being bored
To not being scared to open closed doors
To love without holding anything back
To trust and share and stay intact?

Give me love don’t give me hate
I’ll stay aware and not sedate
Addicted to my sleepyhead
When it’s time to wake up
I’ll stay in bed

-30footfall, Plastic