To Do

by Nic Olson

This is my last week’s To Do list written on the ‘Notes’ application on my iPod.

– Corb Tix
– Library
– Write
– Character Outlines
– Find a boy who will kiss me, I am still trying to find who I am.

Now, I didn’t write the last one. At least, I didn’t write it in my right mind. I might have been really tired one day when the honesty came seeping out of me. But I don’t think that happened. For some reason, when I read this I read it in the voice of Ricky Tiefenbach, because it reads like something he would say to me. But whomever wrote it, has got me pegged. The latter part anyways…

It has been snowing recently. When the snow first appeared, I let a large smile slip as I pretended to curse the early winter like everyone else. While I do think that it is off when the yellow leaves fall onto already frozen earth and already whitened grass, I enjoy the winter, possibly because I missed four months of it last year ‘trying to find who I am’ in a foreign country. I recently found out a part of who I am, the fact that I do indeed like winter. I’m finding.
In the past year I found out that I am briefs and not boxers. I have been slowly finding out that I can listen to the music I want without worrying about getting hassled by anyone. I found out that I can make decisions if I am making decisions about things I want to. I am finding out more of what I dislike more than what I like, so eventually that’s got to leave me somewhere.
But there are still a few major things that I am yet to find out, or still finding out. And I guess that is why I am here. And I guess that is why I am doing what I am doing.

Oh, and keep an eye out for a boy that will kiss me, that ought to help things.