Blog Action Day: Climate Change

by Nic Olson

I bought a new winter coat today. My old one was OK, a bit small, and behind the trendy times by about five years, so I bought a crisp new one from my store for fifty percent what you would have paid for it, unless I gave you The Discount. This is the first full winter I have mentally committed to staying in Canada for, in a few years, so I decided a new addition to the winter wear family of mine was an alright idea. Plus my mom said she’d pay for it as a birthday present. Hells yeah.

I know nearly nothing about climate change. It seems to me that it was once called Global Warming until someone realized that half of the world is actually getting colder, and the climate is changing in more than one direction. I’ve heard people argue about climate change. Some people deny it’s existence, some people swear the Al Gore is God, but for this topic, I have no strong opinion. Sure I believe in climate change. Sure I make a slight conscious effort to avoid contributing to it, but I don’t talk about it everyday as if it were a pressing issue in my life, and maybe it is people like me that are killing the future by melting the polar ice caps and glaciers.

If I ever convince a girl to have kids with me, my kids are going to have a pretty ruined world to salvage, even more ruined than the one my parents gave me. But even with that baby-daddy mentality, I’m not sold. It is hard for me to believe that a blog, or 11,000 of them even could change people’s minds enough to give future people a world that isn’t frozen, or toasted, or covered in water, or whatever the apocalypse says will happen. But I guess we can try.

Today I saw a commercial, which probably cost a few million of our dollars to produce, about elder abuse. Now, I am sure that elder abuse is a real problem, and it is actually quite depressing to think about, but when was the last time you remember a federal government ad about climate change? Probably Paul Martin’s One Tonne Challenge via Rick Mercer. And to think that no one liked the Liberals. Mother Earth did. Jean Chretien and was Mother Earth’s mistress.

I joined the Blog Action Day list because there are probably millions of ineffective blogs in the world, and this list is a few people that hope theirs can make a difference.
Take the bus. Cut the lawn with scissors. Snowblow the driveway with a shovel. Walk.

Good luck. The future is just flying by the seed of my pants. Our kids are screwed.